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Do the GlaucomaCheck™ now. It could save your sight!

Glaucoma is a leading cause of preventable blindness and over half of those affected are undiagnosed.

GlaucomaCheck™ is the first and only online glaucoma test accurate and sensitive enough to be used by doctors. Now you can use it to test for this blinding disease in your own home. It is convenient, inexpensive, fast (less than one minute per eye) and easy to use. It provides immediate results with AutoAnalysis™. It helps find glaucoma before the damage is done.

FDA registered · Clinically validated · Online visual field test for glaucoma

GlaucomaCheck™ is made under one or more of the following US patents and other patents pending: 7155393, 6068377, 6227668, 6474817, 6206522, and 6742894.



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